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Line Cutters Bonus Round- A Tribute to Satoru Iwata

Matt and Al pay tribute to the late Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata, and take a look at his life and accomplishments.

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Line Cutters - SDCC 2015 and Ant-Man Sneak Peak!

Matt, Al, and Vin talk about San Diego Comic Con 2015, and Al gives a review of Marvel’s Ant Man movie!

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NonPro Reviews: Avengers Age of Ultron!

The hosts at NonPro have a roundtable about the best and worst of the latest MARVEL blockbuster! From filmmaking triumphs and eastereggs to plot holes and behind the scenes madness, this show is less a typical review and a more comic shop conversation with your bestest friends. Take a listen!

# 2015-05-06 by NonProductive | NonPro | NPNpresents | Comics | Movies | BestOf | NearMint | LoudIdiots | LineCutters |

Line Cutters - April Fools

The Line Cutters get together to play some practical jokes on each other. They also talk about March Madness, and the month long build up the the Avengers Age of Ultron starting with their review of Iron Man 3.

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Line Cutters - Last Man on Earth and Star Wars Rebels!

The NonPro crew talk about the Sweet 16 in there #SidekicksThatMatter March Madness! Also Cappy and James talk about how you should be watching The Last Man on Earth and Matt and James geek out over Star Wars Rebels!

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