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Line Cutters - April Fools

The Line Cutters get together to play some practical jokes on each other. They also talk about March Madness, and the month long build up the the Avengers Age of Ultron starting with their review of Iron Man 3.

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Alter Negro - My Funny Valentine

Have you ever had a bad Valentine’s Day? Well John and N’Jaila have had the worse, and they talk about it on this episode of the ANS. We also get in to what the worst holidays are overall. Spoiler: Arbor Day.

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The 14 Worst Relationships in Comic Book History

In honor of the DAY THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED (well… Valentine’s Day) this Tuesday, February 11th Near Mint Comic Radio will count down the 14 Worst Relationships in Comic Book History! Tune in starting 7pm eastern as we recount all the abusive, unloving, girl-in-the-refrigerator pairings the world’s most romantic medium has to offer. Ugh.

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A Very NonPro Murder Mystery X-Mas Party

‘Tis the Season for celebrations, warm gatherings, and perfunctory get-togethers with colleagues you don’t like spending time with even when it isn’t the holidays – and we here at are opening up our yearly office X-Mas party to all our fans! Yes, there will be rejoicing, walks down memory lane, highlights from this past year, and of course, somebody is probably going to end up very dead.

For this year’s Christmas Special, we’re crying bloody murder, as one of our own perishes at the hands of… well, one of our own. Can you figure out who the murder is before the special is up? If so, there are prizes in store for you!


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Line Cutters - Very Hungry Games & Turkey-Day of the Doctor!

On this episode we talk about Black Friday, Dr. Who’s 50th Anniversary, what we’re thankful for, and The Hunger Games’ terrible cross-promotional advertisements!

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