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The Loud Idiots - Comic Con Class Reunion 2012

New York Comic Con is like a yearly reunion for everyone at NonPro; a chance for us to get back in touch with some of the most talented folks we are proud to call friends of the network!

Join the Loud Idiots, Ken, Den and Big Poppa Pete as they play catch up with Brimstone of Hound Comics, Yale Stewart of JL8 (formerly known as Little League), Ed Catto and Joe Ahearn of Captain Action, and the lovely AZ Powergirl!

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Shameless Geekery - June 15, 2012

The boys are joined by the “REAL” Jack of the “You Don’t Know, Jack” segment this week and schooled on old boring movies. Then they’re visited Little League comic strip meister Yale Stewart, who is prepping the historic 50th strip. And oh, yeah, why the Watchmen prequels are STILL a bad idea!

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Shameless Geekery - June 07, 2012

This week on Shameless Geekery, Ken and Casey discuss the first of the Watchmen prequels at length, celebrate the works of the late Ray Bradbury, and the return of their resident Dalek, Scooter. (SCOOTER???!!) Yes, Scooter!

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Shameless Geekery - May 24, 2012

On this episode of Shameless Geekery, we prepare for the Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Con by talking to pin-up artist Celeste Guiliano. Then we tackle gay marriage and characters “coming out” in comic books, Casey’s love of Batman “Hush”, and a Dalek tries breaking in to showbiz. Yes, you heard right, a DALEK messages us and he wants to
break into HOLLYWOOD! This could only happen on Shameless Geekery!

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Shameless Geekery - May 11, 2012

Casey gets scolded for not doing his homework, the wonderfulness of the Incredible Hulk, more on Avengers vs. X-Men, we contemplate what Brian Michael Bendis sounds like at home, and we get a candid interview with songwriter and actor, Jonathan Tiersten. It’s all here, only on this week’s episode of Shameless Geekery.

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