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Alter Negro - Just Look at the Flowers

Whoa that Walking Dead is a rough show to watch sometimes. The last episode “Grove” was really a stomach punch. And that’s what this show is about. John and N’Jaila share some of our favorite/most painful stomach punch episodes of TV Shows. It’s an unexpectedly morbid show, but cathartic.

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Open Mic Therapy with Sharon Simon & John Minus

Snorks, Foofur, and Personality Disorders. There’s not much we don’t get into in this episode. Special guest Sharon Simon shares her love of Star Trek while N’jaila literally phones it in from on the road. A very special episode, only on!

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Alter Negro - My Funny Valentine

Have you ever had a bad Valentine’s Day? Well John and N’Jaila have had the worse, and they talk about it on this episode of the ANS. We also get in to what the worst holidays are overall. Spoiler: Arbor Day.

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Alter Negro - Powered by 'tussin

N’Jaila is on a lot of cough medicine, and John is on little sleep, so it’s one of those train wreck shows people love. Topics include sex in space (there is none!), Gays in Football, and why John would prefer to be a woman at times. Join us, won’t you?

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Alter Negro - The Return of the Sho(w)

On this episode of the Alter Negro Sho, N’Jaila and John start off talking about the Grammy’s and Macklemore, and end up having a heated discussion about the Friend Zone and whether it is even a thing or not. We promise the conversation is not as disjointed as it sounds.

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