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The Loud Idiots - Inappropriate Costumes, Candy, and Marvel Movies!

Celebrate Halloween as the Loud Idiots guide you around the very worst in M&Ms flavors, the most inappropriately sexy costumes of the season, and the ridiculously ambitious movie plans of Mighty Marvel!

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Line Cutters - Summer 2014 Movies

The gang talks about discontinued fast food, debates the value of collectible video games in an age of digital downloads, and runs down the list of summer movies they’re looking forward to.

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The Loud Idiots - May 22, 2012

The Loud Idiots spend a super-sized evening with Johnny Mclaughlin, the man behind Heartbreaking Dawns and the man responsible for burning our tongues off on the May 1st show! Dastard! As if that weren’t enough, we also have Anthony Brownrigg talking about his latest labor of love, “Freeborn” a werewolf movie created with input from fans all over the world! All this and Taffeta Darling reports from Dallas Comic Con, without taking an hour and six minutes to do it!

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Near Mint Radio - May 24, 2011

So, believe it or not, this show is about comic books.

Serious debate on “Who Killed Cobra Commander?”

We talk fast food comic book tie ins, the Incredible Hulk and good old fashion comic smashing, and more!


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NonProductive - May 05, 2011

Samantha Little tries to explain books based on their covers, and Chinese Food Delivery Disaster!

Seriously, this is some hilarious stuff!

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