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Near Mint Radio - Spotlight on Indie Creators

Join NonPro’s Ken and Frank as they turn the NYCC Spotlight on some of their favorite Indie Creators!

Independent artists came out in force at this year’s New York Comic Con, and we were honored to speak to a few of them, including the creative talent behind High Fructose Zombies, God Hates Astronauts, Easy Pieces Comic, Electronic, The Adventures of Paul, Our Valued Customers, Alex de Campi’s Ashes, The Secret Adventures of Houdini, Birdcage Bottom Books, DIGESTATE, The Nenetl of Forgotten Spirits, and The Wonder City!

We also give a Near Mint ranking of Marvel and DC!

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The Loud Idiots - Comic Con Class Reunion 2012

New York Comic Con is like a yearly reunion for everyone at NonPro; a chance for us to get back in touch with some of the most talented folks we are proud to call friends of the network!

Join the Loud Idiots, Ken, Den and Big Poppa Pete as they play catch up with Brimstone of Hound Comics, Yale Stewart of JL8 (formerly known as Little League), Ed Catto and Joe Ahearn of Captain Action, and the lovely AZ Powergirl!

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Near Mint Radio - October 19, 2010

This episode is for real nerds only, but features NYCC talk, giveaways, and asks the question:
Who would play Dagny in Muppet Atlas Shrugged?

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NonProductive -- October 14, 2010

The NPN Crew join together to review New York Comic Con and New York Anime Fest 2010!

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Line Cutters - October 13, 2010

The Line Cutters talk about NYCC, news, and gaming and the Biggest Douchebag

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