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Captain Action Meets The Diabolical Miss Hyde (Part 2 of 2)

As we carry over the conversation from the most recent episode of Near Mint, the boys welcome back Joe Ahearn and Ed Catto of Captain Action fame to discuss Marvel Studios’ big Spider-Man announcement, and the Wheel Of Time pilot that no one apparently knew aired! Then we get to talk to author Viola Carr about her new novel The Diabolical Miss Hyde and listen to how the guys swoon over her incredible Aussie accent!

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Near Mint Radio - Save She-Hulk! Save Loki! Screw Bond!

The not-so savage “She-Hulk,” “The Illegitimates” of James Bond’s wandering libido, and Loki grows up to become an “Agent of Asgard”—all this and our favorite comic-themed toys from Toy Fair!

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The Loud Idiots - March 19, 2013

Division 1.1 and Vicki Pettersson

On this episode, the guys get an in-depth look into the music business with the rock group Division 1.1. Then they’re joined by NY Times bestselling author Vicki Pettersson to discuss her new book, The Lost. Taffeta Darling also helps open the show with a look into the origin of Skeletor in the recent DC Comics Masters of the Universe comics. It’s a night of laughs, music, shenanigans, and literature (REALLY?! There’s culture on this show?!)

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Near Mint Radio - Toy Fair - February 12, 2013

The guys talk about all their favorite new comic-related toys and games premiering at this year’s Toy Fair, including the latest in Heroclix, Batman: Gotham City Strategy Game from NECA, and the latest news from Matty Collector!

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Line Cutters - November 28, 2012 edit

The Linecutters Holiday Guide

Al, James, Matt, and guest John Minus, discuss there ultimate gift ideas in toys video games and… clothes? As well as discuss what movies to see over the holiday season.

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