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Must Click TV - The Real Housewifes of South Boston

In the inaugural episode of Must Click TV, Kate McClure and Ken Smith welcome Jessica Kaplan-Ellison of the web series Sisters and Misters to review The Real Housewives of South Boston.

The Real Housewives of South Boston:

Sisters and Misters:

# 2015-05-04 by NonProductive | MustClickTV | Pilot |

Line Cutters - Last Man on Earth and Star Wars Rebels!

The NonPro crew talk about the Sweet 16 in there #SidekicksThatMatter March Madness! Also Cappy and James talk about how you should be watching The Last Man on Earth and Matt and James geek out over Star Wars Rebels!

# 2015-03-18 by NonProductive | LineCutters | TV |

Line Cutters - MAGFest and Comic TV

The Rise of Comic Book Television and MAGFest reviewed!

# 2015-02-04 by NonProductive | LineCutters | Concerts | Conventions | Comics | TV |

Near Mint Radio - Guardians Two, Electric Boogaloo

Frank and Ken talk about the great DC shows and Superman’s New Look/New Power.

# 2015-02-03 by NonProductive | NearMint | Comics | TV |

Near Mint Radio - Comic Movies and TV Talk!

Frank’s back and we celebrate all things comics literature by talking a hell of a lot about comics movies and TV news!

# 2014-12-09 by NonProductive | NearMint | Comics | Movies | TV