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Line Cutters - PlayStation 20th Anniversary

Matt, Al, and James talk about The Force Awakens teaser, the cast of the Suicide Squad movie, Smash Bros. for Wii U, and the 20th Anniversary of PlayStation!

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The Loud Idiots - The Force Awakens An Exodus For Survivor Series

The boys discuss the first teaser of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the controversy over the new film Exodus: Gods and Kings, and Mickey Rourke’s return to boxing. The latter conversation spirals into a discussion of the WWE’s Rusev and a recap of this year’s Survivor Series.

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The Loud Idiots Kill Han Solo

Tim Yates and Lee Estes joins the boys in the studio this week to discuss their new comic book “Anne Bonnie” then stay to debate whether the Star Wars Universe would have been better off if Han Solo was killed early off in the series. Sounds crazy? It is, but check it out, it’s amusing none the less

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It is a dark and uncertain time in the galaxy. DISNEY has decided to condense the EXPANDED UNIVERSE of the STAR WARS FRANCHISE to fit their plans with THE NEW MOVIES. In preparation of this momentous event, the LINE CUTTERS JEDI COUNCIL has convened to discuss what parts of the EXPANDED UNIVERSE they would wish to keep, in a desperate hope to create a canon to keep the fanbase happy…

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Line Cutters - EA presents Disney's Star Wars!

The Linecutters are back with their season premiere as they showcase their new theme song, kick off “Late to the Party,” and discuss EA’s exclusive deal with Disney to make next generation’s Star Wars games! Also, Matt has feels over the word “feels”! (Spoiler Alert: He isn’t happy.)

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