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Alter Negro - The Return of the Sho(w)

On this episode of the Alter Negro Sho, N’Jaila and John start off talking about the Grammy’s and Macklemore, and end up having a heated discussion about the Friend Zone and whether it is even a thing or not. We promise the conversation is not as disjointed as it sounds.

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The Loud Idiots - February 14, 2012

Attention lonley hearts: It’s the Loud Idiot’s St Valentines Day Massacre! No date for the big V.? No problem, we got a show big enough to take your mind off your crippling loneliness! What constitutes big, you ask? How about smoking hot pro-wrestling sensation Annie Social! Want more? Well, we continue Broadway Month at NPN with an awesome interview with legendary composer Frank Wildhorn. And if that wasn’t enough we’ve got the first installment of Taffeta Darling’s Month of Self-Love. Pack the kids in bed, this is gonna get hot! Or depressing, we’ll play it by ear.

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Line Cutters - November 02, 2011

Comedian and Friend of the Show David Clark joins the LineCutters as they talk about the new TV show “Awake” and about wanting their record collections back after bad breakups.

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Alter Negro - September 12, 2011

On this episode of the Alter Negro Sho, we talk about friends with no-benefits, our mutual hatred of Furries, (it’s a healthy choice, really,) Subs and Doms, and then somehow that lead to a 20 minute conversation about Fighting Games! We get around.

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Alter Negro - June 27, 2011

On this Sho we go over some vital topics, such as a stunning account of what happened at June’s Non Productive Comedy Show, and the troubles I had wearing heels. We also talk about what appropriate dating ages are for men and women (Teenage girls need to be taught that it’s not ok to date men 25 years older than they are!) Finally I unload a bucketful of hatred and bile onto our Governor, Chris Christie.

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