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Fangirls! - Big Trouble in Little China with Fred Van Lente and Joe Eisma

In this super-secret pilot episode, Taffeta Darling and her fellow Fangirls interview Fred Van Lente and Joe Eisma, the new creative team behind BOOM! Studios comic series, Big Trouble in Little China!

Yes, the audio could use a little work but as Ol’ Jack always says… what the hell?

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Confessions of a Cosplay Diva


On this special inaugural episode, Cara Nicole (aka AZ Powergirl) discusses the chaos of Comic Con 2013 and cosplay wardrobe malfuctions. Then Ken sparks debate with the upcoming Harley Quinn series by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, Powergirl’s revamp in the New 52, and the importance of Wonder Woman’s stature. Afterwards, Cara interviews cosplay (or in this case non-cosplay) friend Toni Darling and Ken talks to writer Stephanie Sanditz about her new project Creve Coeur, MI and SDCC. Check it out, because you never know what Cara’s going to say or do next!

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Best of Three - Battlefield Games

It’s the premiere episode of’s Board Game Show, BEST OF THREE!

Three hosts each pick their favorite board game of a given genre, and pit them against each other to determine which game reigns supreme!

This week’s challenge: Battlefield Games!

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Dueling Squirrels - Dina Hashem

Gordon Baker-Bone and Dina Hashem talk about bullying.

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Shameless Geekery - January 19, 2012

In the inaugural episode of “Shameless Geekery”, Ken and Casey discuss the joys of beating up Star Trek’s Captain Sulu himself, George Takei, in the video game “Pain”. Casey tells the audience how he wants to help the beautiful and fabulous out there. They discuss the impact and influence of music. Finally, Casey goes gaga for “TV Tropes” ( and “Darths & Droids” ( and Ken gets morbid with the new “If I Die” app for Facebook.

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