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Near Mint Radio - Mixed Bag of Comics Volume 1

Klarion the Witch Boy, Guardians Team-Up, Princess Leia, Joe Frankenstein, Thor Annual and more!

# 2015-03-17 by NonProductive | NearMint | Comics | BestOf |

Near Mint Radio - Leia, Valiant, and Convention News!

Princess Leia’s awesome new comic, Valiant gets its own film franchise deal, Batman news, Marvel’s conventions plans, and the Lois Lane book!

All this, and “Sidekicks That Matter” March Madness!

# 2015-03-10 by NonProductive | NearMint | Comics |

Near Mint Radio - Welcome back, Spidey! (Part 1 of 2)

DC might quietly wrap New52, Spider-Man joins the Avengers on the big screen, and we talk about how we got into comics with our awesome guests, Ed Catto and Joe Ahearn of Captain Action!

# 2015-02-10 by NonProductive | NearMint | Comics | Movies | BestOf | Guests |

Near Mint Radio - Guardians Two, Electric Boogaloo

Frank and Ken talk about the great DC shows and Superman’s New Look/New Power.

# 2015-02-03 by NonProductive | NearMint | Comics | TV |

Near Mint Radio - MARVEL WARS!

Marvel has finally let us know the secret behind their new event, SECRET WARS, so we discuss our hopes, fears, and predictions about the future of the Marvel Universe! All this and a team review of the new Star Wars comic from the house of secret ideas!

# 2015-01-20 by NonProductive | NearMint | Comics | BestOf |