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The Loud Idiots - Danger*Cakes and Gettysburg!

The Loud Idiots interview the all-girl rockabilly fusion sensation, Danger*Cakes, Taff travels to Barsoom, and the South Rises Again on the Anniversary of Gettysburg!

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The Loud Idiots - Thomas Ryan of Day 9

The Idiots welcome writer/director/actor/musician Thomas Ryan to The Loud Idiots Radio Show. Tom tells us all about his film “Day 9” and his band, Vlad the Inhaler. Later, Taffeta Darling geeks out over her new iPhone 5 and The Simpsons Tapped Out game.

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The Loud Idiots - March 19, 2013

Division 1.1 and Vicki Pettersson

On this episode, the guys get an in-depth look into the music business with the rock group Division 1.1. Then they’re joined by NY Times bestselling author Vicki Pettersson to discuss her new book, The Lost. Taffeta Darling also helps open the show with a look into the origin of Skeletor in the recent DC Comics Masters of the Universe comics. It’s a night of laughs, music, shenanigans, and literature (REALLY?! There’s culture on this show?!)

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The Loud Idiots - August 07, 2012

Awesome genre-defying band Blue Movie returns to the studio ahead of their big Jersey gig at Dingbatz. And if that’s not enough to whet your appetite we’ve got award-winning meteorologist Amy Freeze talking about sports and stand-up comedy! Plus: the Taffeta Darling rents a movie from the dollar-bin. All this and even more hyphens on tonight’s episode of the Loud Idiots!

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The Loud Idiots - July 31, 2012

It’s a night full of stars as the Loud Idiots welcome guest hostess Jess Rajs, (creator of the Gorgeous and Gory calendar) into the studio! And what’s on the agenda for this evening? Actors who try to be musicians and musicians who try to be actors: Is either move EVER a good idea? It’s the greatest debate of all time (Including you, Lincoln/Douglas!) And no debate on such a complicated and divisive subject would be complete without the wit and wisdom of special guests “the” Taffeta Darling and “a” Jon Tiersten. Come for the conflict, stay for Tiersten’s new catchphrase…

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