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Is It Blue Movie Or Is It Black Film...Or Is It Memorex?

On this extended episode, the boys welcome back the rock group Blue Movie, er… mostly guitarist Tony Paris while the other members are stuck in traffic trying to get to the studio. Tony turns the tables on our hosts when he decides to interview them! When the rest of the band arrives, the crew gets a brow beating of a lifetime.

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The New Synthetic Blue Movie

The NEW AND IMPROVED Blue Movie makes their triumphant return to The Loud Idiots Radio Show on this episode to discuss their new EP, Synthetic! New members, new music, new hilarity. Definitely a monumental event!

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The Loud Idiots - A Snowball In Summer

The Idiots are back after a much needed recuperation from the Loud Idiots Movie Awards with Snowball 37’s David Fagan and photographer to the stars Conni Freestone as we discuss Life, the Universe, and well… you know.

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The Loud Idiots - Movies Monsters and Musicals!

We discuss Broadway’s new season by pitching more absurd musicals, and rank movie monsters and their myriad of ridiculous reboots!

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The Loud Idiots with guests Keith Alberstadt and Blaze Coyle

Comedy, Sitcoms, and Backwards Songs

Honorary Loud Idiot, Blaze Kelly Coyle is in studio with our special guest; stand-up comedian and contributing SNL Weekend Update writer, Keith Alberstadt. We talk to Keith about what it takes to be funny and have your jokes heard on TV. Then, we premiere one of the coolest and craziest games we’ve played yet – The Backwards Song Game!

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