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Alter Negro Show - The Decepticomics Return

Decepticomics: Part 3

In advance of their Washington DC show, Decepticomics Dillon Stevenson, Cerrome Russell, Mike Brown, and John Minus assemble to discuss important issues of the day. Issues like what each comics’ nerdiest joke is, and why doesn’t Peter Parker’s Spider Sense warn him of more dangers? Also, Superman is a Dick. Trust us, it’s relevant.

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Alter Negro Show -- January 07, 2013

Experiment 003 – Squirrel Voices

John ambushes N’Jaila with another Geek Girl argument, but at least they try and switch it up a little bit. Also: favorite moments from 2012, and Mike Brown regales us with a tale of his first Hater.

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Alter Negro Sho -- December 27, 2012

Decepticomics assemble once again! Cerrome, Dillon, Gordon, John, and Mike start off talking about which major Hollywood directors should direct Porn, and things devolve from there. N’Jaila Rhee tries to contain the Comics and wrangle them into a real conversation, but… well you’ll hear how it goes.

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Alter Negro Show - December 03, 2012

The Decepticomics Show

Experiment 000 – Try to get all of the Decepticomics in the show at the same damned time. It’s a prelude to the first episode of the new season of ANS.

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Dueling Squirrels - Andy Hudak, Joe McAndrew, Dan Spieser

Gordon Baker-Bone with guests Andy Hudak, Joe McAndrew, and Dan Spieser – talking about social networking.

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