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The Loud Idiots - Laura McDonald and Some "Sound Advice"

On this episode, comedian Laura McDonald makes her first appearance on The Loud Idiots Radio Show to discuss doing comedy on both coasts, her love life, and even Kristin Stewart! Then, Kate McClure discuss Vanessa Bayer’s ”Sound Advice” for Must Click TV. All that, and the boys discuss the future of wrestler turned MMA fighter, CM Punk.

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Open Mic Therapy with Sharon Simon & John Minus

Snorks, Foofur, and Personality Disorders. There’s not much we don’t get into in this episode. Special guest Sharon Simon shares her love of Star Trek while N’jaila literally phones it in from on the road. A very special episode, only on!

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The Loud Idiots with guests Keith Alberstadt and Blaze Coyle

Comedy, Sitcoms, and Backwards Songs

Honorary Loud Idiot, Blaze Kelly Coyle is in studio with our special guest; stand-up comedian and contributing SNL Weekend Update writer, Keith Alberstadt. We talk to Keith about what it takes to be funny and have your jokes heard on TV. Then, we premiere one of the coolest and craziest games we’ve played yet – The Backwards Song Game!

# 2013-08-20 by NonProductive | LoudIdiots | Guests | Comedy | TV | Music |

Alter Negro - Decepticomics Unvieled!

In this episode of the Alter Negro Sho, Cerrome Russell and Gordon Baker-Bone will be joining N’Jaila and John Minus to discuss what happens before a Decepticomics show.

Listener discretion is advised.

# 2013-08-05 by NonProductive | AlterNegro | Comedy | Guests | Decepticomics |

Alter Negro - Comedy Controversies with guest Megan McCoy


Tonight’s Alter Negro Sho has a special guest comedian, Megan McCoy! John and Meg will be talking about Comedy Controversies and whether Comedians are really as bad as the bloggers say they are. At least, that was the plan…

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