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Alter Negro - The Dark Hashtag

Is Black Twitter really a thing? Why are people so interested in studying it? Also, more Nerd Rage (why the f*** did they let Vin Diesel anywhere near Avengers 2?) and other SD Comic Con news.

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The Alter Negro Sho Goes to a Gaming Convention

Ever wanted to know what goes on at a Gaming Convention? The Alter Negro Show knows! We talk about all sorts of wacky racial experiences at Conventions, as well as Con-Sluts, Orange-face, and Watermelon. You can’t make this stuff up, we’ve tried.

with our Special Guest: Rachel S, LARP Queen

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Alter Negro - The Black Cartoon Character Hall of Fame - February 11, 2013

Experiment 007

If there’s one thing John and N’Jaila know (and it very well may be the only thing) it is cartoons. This experiment has our intrepid hosts trying to figure out who would be in the first class of The Black Cartoon Character Hall of Fame! It’s a contentious episode, and the only thing agreed upon is that John and N’Jaila do NOT agree on the value of Cree Summer.

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Alter Negro -- I Have A Dreamcast - January 21, 2013

EXPERIMENT 005: I Have A Dreamcast

In this experiment John and N’Jaila analyze The Dream through the eyes of today’s Geek of Color. Do we need a National Association for the Advancement of Colored Geeks? Do we need a Nerd Action Network? How would MLK feel about XBOX Live? Has Nerd Culture done more to bring people of different races together, or has it accentuated our differences? The Sho has answers.

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Alter Negro Show - July 30, 2012

Frank and John discuss the different types of Rage in the World, including Black Rage, Nerd Rage, Girl Rage, and the ever confusing but alluring Black-Girl-Nerd Rage. We also get into it about Race and D&D (not the way you think) and have the most powerful 7-minute discussion about The Dark Knight Rises ever.

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