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Intro to KristaCon & LongCons: a Game Design Panel -- Metatopia 2013

Metatopia, a game design convention in northern New Jersey, was held Thursday, October 31 thru Sunday, November 3, 2013. Amongst panels lead by and presented to game development professionals, the following talk is an audio recording of panel D023: An Introduction to LongCons.

Metatopia 2013 listed the panel as follows:

We will provide advice to folks interested in running their own LongCons, advice on techniques that work, how to handle different games in a LongCon, and lessons we’ve learned since the the first KristaCon in October of 2012. We’ll discuss what LongCon and KristaCon is, why we like it, how we think it can change gaming and the convention scene.

Our Panelists:

Krista White

Mark Diaz Truman

Rachel E.S. Walton

Matt Weber

with your moderator…

Frank Hablawi

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Line Cutters at NYCC

The Linecutters act like fools at NYCC!

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Near Mint Radio - NYCC 2013

We talk about the various interesting things from NYCC 2013!

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Confessions of a Cosplay Diva


On this special inaugural episode, Cara Nicole (aka AZ Powergirl) discusses the chaos of Comic Con 2013 and cosplay wardrobe malfuctions. Then Ken sparks debate with the upcoming Harley Quinn series by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, Powergirl’s revamp in the New 52, and the importance of Wonder Woman’s stature. Afterwards, Cara interviews cosplay (or in this case non-cosplay) friend Toni Darling and Ken talks to writer Stephanie Sanditz about her new project Creve Coeur, MI and SDCC. Check it out, because you never know what Cara’s going to say or do next!

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The Alter Negro Sho Goes to a Gaming Convention

Ever wanted to know what goes on at a Gaming Convention? The Alter Negro Show knows! We talk about all sorts of wacky racial experiences at Conventions, as well as Con-Sluts, Orange-face, and Watermelon. You can’t make this stuff up, we’ve tried.

with our Special Guest: Rachel S, LARP Queen

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