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Line Cutters - The End of Naruto (and the world)!

In this episode, Al, Cappy, and Matt talk about the end of Naruto and talk to Caias Ward, creator of the table top RPG, Riders: A Game About Cheating Doomsday!

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Line Cutters - Big Studio Decisions

On today’s episode, the Line Cutters are actually relevant as they follow up their Legend of Korra discussion from last episode with talk on Nickelodeon’s decision to move the series online! Also: Guardians of the Galaxy, Studio Ghibli’s restructuring, and Hyrule Warriors!

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Line Cutters - Anime Boston 2013 and Spring TV Finales

The gang talks about Anime Boston 2013, Spring TV finales, and continues their Watch-A-Long of Season 1 of Battlestar Galactica!

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Line Cutters - The Current State of Anime and Gaming

Today the gang talks about Jame’s slow forgiveness of Capcom, the future of Square-Enix, BioShock Infinite, and the state of affairs of the anime business!

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