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Loud Idiots - All Good Things…

On this episode, the categories for the 2014 Loud Idiots Movie Awards are announced, and finally the boys give their take on “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” now that they’ve all seen it. On a sadder note, we mourn the recent passing of our friend, Otto Petersen, as we rebroadcast one the greatest moments of the show’s history – spotlighting Otto’s incredible talent with a very rare candid interview discussing some of his own passions.

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Best of Three - Jonny Magic

It’s time for‘s Board Game Show, BEST OF THREE!

This week Mike and Rob interview Magic the Gathering Hall of Fame member Jon ”Jonny Magic” Finkel.

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The Loud Idiots - ’Taker, Covenant And Taffeta, OH MY!

On this episode, the boys recap the likes and dislikes of WrestleMania XXX, including an in depth discussion of the Undertaker’s current ’Mania record. Writer Sabrina Benulis also chimes in to discuss her new novel in the Books of Raziel series “Covenant” and her love of anime. We also get a VERY candid interview with The Taffeta Darling who we got to spend time with in NYC during the 2014 Nerdlesque Festival. Enjoy!

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Line Cutters - WrestleMania!

The gang talks about pro-wrestling and the Showcase of the Immortals, WrestleMania! Yes! Yes! Yes!

# 2014-04-02 by NonProductive | LineCutters | Wrestling | - Women In Fiction -- Round 2

Our Women in Fiction competition marches on!

Round 2 was full of upsets and close-calls spread out over 32 games! While it was the fans that decided who won each competition, we take some time out to postulate on why the results of the first round came out the way they did. Listen in to find out who lost and who’s going on to the Sweet Sixteen!!

As always, we encourage you to support your favorite #WomenInFiction!

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